Arm Lift Surgery

Sometimes, sagging in the arms can occur due to factors such as aging or fluctuations in weight. Surgical intervention on the upper arm skin affected by sagging can eliminate the sagging. Depending on the degree of sagging, solutions can also be found through exercise and workouts. However, in cases of advanced sagging, arm lift surgery is necessary. Especially if there is excess skin, interventions other than surgery will not be sufficient.

Arm lift surgeries have seen a significant demand in recent years, particularly from individuals who prioritize aesthetic appearance. The success rate of these operations can be considered one of the reasons driving this demand. Working with an experienced team also influences the success of the operation.

How Is Arm Lift Surgery Performed?

Before the operation, the patient’s body is evaluated as a whole. Examination is conducted with consideration to the proportion between different areas. If the preoperative assessment is not done correctly, the desired outcome cannot be achieved. General anesthesia is administered for the comfort of the patient during the operation.

The first thing to consider during the surgery is the excess tissue on the inner part of the arm. Excess fat and skin are removed. Liposuction method is utilized for fat removal. To achieve a younger and aesthetic appearance for the arm, lifting procedure is performed. Finally, aesthetic sutures are applied to finalize the procedure. Thanks to aesthetic sutures, no scar remains on the skin.


Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Will There Be Scars After Arm Lift Surgery?

    After evaluations conducted before the surgery, the amount of fat in the back and inner part of the arm is analyzed, and the degree of sagging is checked. Thus, it becomes clear how much fat will be removed and how much skin will be excised. Then, detailed information is provided to the patient about the extent of scarring.

    Although aesthetic sutures are used, partial suture marks may remain. However, since the scar will be on the inner part of the arm and in the armpit, it will not be visible from the outside. All these details are taken into account by the physician. If the skin sagging on the arm is mild, the incision will only be under the armpit. Thus, the scar will only be under the armpit.

    If the quality of the skin is above expectations, the sagging problem can be resolved with just fat removal. All of these are shaped according to the patient’s individual condition. Come and benefit from our personalized solutions.

  • What to Expect After Arm Lift Surgery?

    If you are working with an experienced medical team for arm lift surgery, you will have a comfortable process. After the surgery, some conditions are commonly observed in every patient. Particularly, issues like bruising, swelling, and pain are prioritized. Afterwards, numbness and temporary loss of sensation may occur. However, you can see that all these problems typically resolve within 15 days after the surgery.

    Patients may be monitored for a maximum of 2 days after the procedure. Detailed information about the process is provided to discharged patients. It usually takes about 2 months for patients to return to their normal lives. It is advisable to avoid activities that strain the arms during this time. Continuing with exercises to strengthen the muscles is also beneficial after recovery.