Buttock aesthetics is generally preferred by women who aim to achieve a more aesthetic appearance in the hip area. Additionally, it’s accurate to say that there is a need for buttock aesthetics due to various reasons. Firstly, genetic appearance plays a significant role. Moreover, dissatisfaction with the appearance of the hips and changes in body shape due to aging also lead to the necessity of this aesthetic procedure.

The dissatisfaction with the shape of the hips and problematic appearance of the buttock area drive women towards undergoing buttock aesthetics. Especially those desiring a round and shapely buttock region can achieve this through buttock aesthetic procedures. Women with flat and wide hip areas often face an aesthetically unfavorable appearance. Those wishing to change this aspect can attain their desired appearance through buttock aesthetics.

Buttock Aesthetics

It appears as a procedure that allows shaping the buttocks to the desired form in humans, providing a smooth transition in the waist area and plumping the lower and middle parts.

What is Buttock (Booty) Aesthetics?

Buttock aesthetics, as a practice, allows for shaping the buttocks to desired forms and creating a smooth transition from the waist, enhancing the lower and middle portions with softness. Through procedures in buttock aesthetics, it is possible to achieve fuller buttocks and give them a round shape. Additionally, procedures can be performed without leaving marks on the thighs and legs just below the buttock line.

All surgical procedures performed for aesthetic purposes in the buttock region are defined as buttock aesthetics.

In recent years, the desire of many women to have more aesthetic and well-shaped buttocks has increased interest in buttock aesthetics. Furthermore, through this aesthetic procedure, it is possible to attain fuller and firmer buttocks. Considering the significance of buttocks for women, they contribute to creating an attractive and appealing appearance. Therefore, having buttocks proportionate to the body is one of the aspects women pay utmost attention to.

Buttock aesthetics involve various procedures performed on the hips, waist, and buttock area. The primary goal of buttock aesthetics surgery is to achieve a firm and well-proportioned buttock. During the procedure, excess fat may be removed from the waist or hip area to achieve a toned appearance. However, not all buttock aesthetics procedures are performed with the same objective in mind. Some women may desire slimming of the hip area, while others may seek a more lifted appearance. Liposuction procedures may be performed, and if deemed necessary, fat injections can be administered to the upper areas during this process.

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Precautions Before Buttock Aesthetics Surgery

Before buttock aesthetics surgery, there are certain precautions that need to be taken, as with all aesthetic procedures. Firstly, smoking should be stopped at least 3 weeks before the surgery, and medications such as aspirin should be avoided. Additionally, the use of blood thinners or similar substances should be avoided in the week leading up to the surgery.

Furthermore, before buttock aesthetics surgery, the patient may need to undergo a detailed examination with their doctor. During these consultations, the patient clearly communicates their desired buttock structure to the doctor, and the process proceeds accordingly. Additionally, the specialist may request the patient to undergo various tests and analyses.

If you have decided to undergo buttock aesthetics surgery, it is important to refrain from taking blood-thinning medications for at least 3 weeks before the procedure. Also, you should avoid smoking and alcohol during this period.

Buttock aesthetics, which is the choice of every woman aiming for a more aesthetic and smooth appearance of the buttocks, also comes in various types. It is possible to eliminate flat or disproportionate buttock structures through buttock aesthetics. However, each buttock needs to be approached differently, and surgical interventions need to be performed according to the existing issue. The types of buttock aesthetics are generally as follows:

1. Buttock lift surgery
2. Surgery to reduce large and flat buttocks
3. Buttock augmentation surgery

When we generally look at buttock aesthetics surgeries, buttocks can be:

  • Tightened
  • Augmented
  • Lifted

Let’s emphasize the procedures. Additionally, it’s possible to say that different alternatives are offered depending on the body shape. So, what are the methods used in buttock aesthetics? Let’s take a closer look.

Suture Butt Lift

It is possible to achieve a defined appearance with the suture butt lift technique. However, the effects of surgeries performed with this technique are short-lived. The buttocks return to their previous state after an average of 3 months, which is why the suture butt lift technique is not widely preferred.

Silicone Buttock Implant Surgery

Silicone buttock implant surgery is performed through an incision made in the region where both buttock cheeks meet. This incision allows for the creation of a pocket on each side of both buttock halves. Unlike breast implants, silicone implants with a firmer structure are placed into the pockets created on both buttock halves. Following this type of operation, discomfort may be experienced during sitting and standing for a certain period of time.

Buttock aesthetics performed under general anesthesia are typically completed in approximately 2.5 to 3 hours. In surgical procedures involving incisions, there is a higher risk of the incision area becoming infected. To avoid such situations, it is necessary to adhere to post-operative hygiene rules and continue the process accordingly.

Buttock Shaping with Fat Injection

Shaping the buttocks with fat injection is a highly preferred technique due to its natural approach. Approximately 1.5 years after the operation, a portion of the fat tissue is retained, and if there is a reserve, the procedures can be repeated. Buttock shaping procedures using fat tissue are a technique that has seen recent advancements. With these developments, it’s possible to say that the procedures have become more permanent. This technique, performed under general anesthesia, takes about 1.5 hours, and it’s recommended to wear a special corset for at least 2 weeks after the operation.

Buttock Augmentation with Fillers

Buttock augmentation with fillers is one of the preferred techniques in recent years. With this technique, achieving a round or shapely buttock is quite easy. Various filler materials are used during the operation, and then the buttocks are easily shaped accordingly.

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Who Can Undergo Buttock Aesthetics Surgery?

    Buttock aesthetics surgeries are generally performed on women who are dissatisfied with their buttocks or have issues in this area. However, as mentioned, women who desire can consult with a doctor before the operation and specify the type of assistance they seek. Based on this, a decision is made whether the procedure will be performed or not. After the procedure, patients should follow the doctor’s advice carefully. The recovery period can vary between 1-2 days.

  • Is Buttock Shaping with Fat Injection Permanent?

    Although buttock shaping with fat injection procedures may not be permanent for a lifetime, the permanence rate has been increased with newly developed techniques. In recent years, it has been observed that buttocks remain in the desired shape for longer periods after surgeries, and ongoing research aims to further extend this duration.

  • Is Anesthesia Required for Buttock Aesthetics Surgeries?

    Buttock aesthetics surgeries are performed in operating rooms under general anesthesia. Only macrolane applications are performed under sedation.

  • Are Buttock Aesthetics Surgeries Painful?

    Generally, buttock implants cause a certain amount of pain. Additionally, patients may experience difficulty sitting and standing after the operation. There is no pain felt in suspension and macrolane applications. However, some pain may still occur during liposhaping procedures.

  • What Happens After Buttock Aesthetics Surgery?

    After buttock aesthetics surgery, patients can generally return home on the same day. However, for surgeries involving skin removal in a belt-like fashion, the patient may need to stay in the hospital for about 1 day. Patients can start showering 2 days after the operation. Additionally, the stitches are usually subcutaneous, so there is no need to remove them. It is necessary to wear a corset for the first 3 weeks after the surgery. If the surgery is performed with buttock implants, it is advisable to sit and stand carefully. Moreover, the patient can start doing light exercises without running after 3 weeks, and all activities can be resumed after the 6th week.