You may not notice it, but every day and even every year, various changes occur in your body and skin. These changes gradually increase over time and bring out wrinkles on your face. Especially for individuals aged between 25 and 30, wrinkles may not be very prominent, but by the time they reach the age of 35-40, lines around the eyes become more noticeable. Unfortunately, these increasingly visible lines also affect individuals psychologically. As you age, wrinkles not only appear around the eyes but also various changes occur in different parts of your face. The changes that occur on your face as you age are as follows:

The Neck – the First Area to Start Changing

The skin around your neck is thinner compared to the skin on your face, making it more prone to aging. The neck area is more sensitive to aging and is often where aging first becomes noticeable. Moreover, the neck is one of the most sun-exposed areas of your body, yet it’s often neglected when it comes to skincare. Since you’ll start noticing the first signs of aging here, it’s essential to extend your facial skincare routine to include your neck area. As you age, your neck undergoes changes, becomes saggy, and develops wrinkles.

Increased Facial Redness

Another change that occurs with aging is that your face becomes redder over time. While wrinkles may come to mind when you think about aging, you’re actually paying the price for the enjoyable moments spent in the sun, sea, and sand during your youth. As you age, red spots become more apparent on your face, giving your skin a pinkish tone.

Skin-Integrated Freckles

Freckles, which increase every year due to aging, settle on your skin in dark or light colors. One of the main reasons for the formation of these freckles is constant exposure to the sun. However, to prevent the formation and settlement of these freckles, it’s essential to use protective sunscreen before going outside.

Wrinkles Around the Lips

Various factors such as inadequate moisture intake and exposure to the sun cause wrinkles around the face and lips. Over time, these wrinkles become more pronounced, which can be quite frustrating. As these bothersome lines become more visible each day, it’s beneficial to use creams containing collagen to prevent them.

To prevent and slow down the changes occurring on your face, you can opt for facial aesthetics to combat wrinkles. With facial aesthetics, you can find long-term solutions to the changing contours and wrinkles on your face as you age.