Chin Augmentation

To achieve a balanced facial structure, appear more youthful, and address congenital issues in the jawline, chin augmentation is performed. Particularly, the chin located in the lower mid-face plays a significant role in achieving symmetry in the facial contour and a harmonious appearance. Over centuries, a certain facial image has been ingrained in human minds. To attain this image and confidently engage in social life, it’s essential to have a chin that is proportional to the face, rather than one that is too small or too large.

For instance, a chin that appears recessed can give the impression of overall facial asymmetry. Therefore, the ideal chin structure, proportionate to the face, should be considered for both men and women, and chin augmentation should be performed under medical supervision to achieve optimal results.

How is Jaw Aesthetics Applied?

Jaw aesthetics are performed under general anesthesia. The duration of the operational intervention varies between 1.5 to 3 hours, depending on whether it is applied to a single or double jaw. A jaw implant that is suitable for each patient’s physiological structure is placed through an incision made inside the mouth or under the jaw, according to the plan and in correct scales.

In the past, jaw aesthetics were only considered for disease issues. Solutions were produced for people with very pronounced problems in their lower and upper jaws. Nowadays, to achieve a harmonious and attractive appearance of all facial parts, aesthetic considerations are also taken into account, resulting in a beautiful image. With the control and examination of specialist doctors, different methods are used to achieve a visually pleasing appearance that is in harmony with the face.

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Does Jaw Aesthetics Leave a Scar?

    With the incision made through the inside of the mouth, there are no scars left after the jaw aesthetics operation. However, sometimes this method can lead to a certain amount of loss of sensation in the lower lips. When the intervention is performed with an incision under the jaw, there is no loss of sensation in the lip. However, with this method, depending on the individual’s structure, some scarring can occur. Nowadays, if the necessary conditions are met, jaw aesthetics performed with an incision made inside the mouth are generally more emphasized.

  • How Does the Treatment Process Proceed After Jaw Aesthetics Surgery?

    After jaw aesthetic surgery, swelling, pain, and mild tension around the jaw can be experienced for approximately 1 week. There may be a temporary loss of sensation in the lower lips. After this one-week period, one can return to daily life without any problems.

    It is safe to consume different foods; there are no issues with biting or eating various meals. However, regular oral hygiene is of great importance after consuming any food. To achieve both certain health outcomes and the desired facial contours aesthetically, jaw aesthetics are performed today using two different methods. The operation, conducted under the control of an experienced plastic surgeon, can be completed smoothly with technological methods.