Lip Aesthetics

One of the most crucial parts that fully shapes the face and creates a beautiful appearance is the lips. For a youthful look, plump and wrinkle-free lips are desired. However, the lip thinness that comes with age, along with genetic factors, especially during menopause, can create an unwanted appearance. Thanks to today’s technological methods, the lip area can be corrected both surgically and non-surgically.

Depending on personal preference, one can opt for either permanent or temporary lip aesthetics surgery. For those who like the shape of their lips but feel they lack the desired fullness, the injection of temporary fillers is among the most preferred methods. Different applications through simple surgical methods can also be considered for long-term results.

How is Lip Aesthetics Performed?

Lip aesthetics vary according to the desired outcomes and anatomical features of individuals. The method of application for aesthetics is determined by the desired changes in the lips, as well as the location and size of these changes. Thanks to different techniques, it is possible to enlarge, thicken, or thin the lips. A significant aspect of lip aesthetic surgeries is the correction of the point called the cupid’s bow, which is located at the upper limit of the upper lip.

Before applying lip aesthetics, a design suitable for the structure of the face is created. Then, depending on the desired procedure, the necessary touches are determined and applied to the lips. After this point, the lips are numbed according to the size and method of the operation. Lip aesthetics, which is an extremely painless procedure, varies in duration according to the desired results. Furthermore, some aesthetic operations may need to be repeated. For example, the average durability of lip filler is 6-12 months. This period can be longer depending on the patient and various criteria.

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What Methods Are Available for Lip Aesthetics?

    There are several methods for shaping the lips to achieve the desired appearance. Among the existing methods is an application that involves moving the inner part of the lip mucosa outward. Although this method is considered permanent, it does not provide the desired fullness.

    For increasing lip thickness, fat injection (Dermofat Graft) is considered. Fat tissue and a strip of the skin’s lower part are placed inside the lip. This procedure can also be performed using tendon tissues from the person’s own body.

    Currently, Permalip lip filler is among the newest technological methods. It stands out as an effective method for eliminating wrinkles around the lips, plumping thin lips, shaping them, and creating a permanent natural appearance.

  • The Permalip method

    Permalip, an American FDA-approved medical product, is considered for tissue growth in various areas of the face. It allows for a completely natural appearance in terms of shaping and filling. It can adapt to the contours of the lips, creating a permanent effect. It provides a beautiful appearance without causing loss of sensation, shape distortion, or hardness.

    Along with the Permalip method, lips can be made to appear fuller using many different techniques, appropriately tailored to the goal. After discussions and examinations between the doctor and the patient, the relevant method can be chosen to achieve a beautiful appearance around the lips.

  • After Lip Aesthetics: Important Considerations

    After lip aesthetics intervention, it’s necessary to apply ice at certain intervals initially. Additionally, lips should be moisturized with creams, and the restriction of lip movements should be minimized. Swelling typically decreases within 10 to 15 days, allowing the person to comfortably return to their social life. Potential complications include infection, bleeding, cold sores (herpes), or asymmetry issues.

    However, with the expertise of a plastic surgeon, these problems can be avoided through the correct technical method in lip aesthetics. As a result, the individual can achieve the desired lip fullness and maintain it for an extended period.