Mini tummy tuck surgery is performed on patients who have excess fat in the abdominal area but do not require a full tummy tuck procedure. This procedure is preferred frequently due to its minimal scarring and relatively fast recovery time.

Mini tummy tuck

Mini tummy tuck surgery begins with liposuction applied to the entire waist and abdominal area. If necessary, fat injections may be administered to the hips. Immediately afterward, a small incision is made in the lower abdomen. The skin of the lower abdomen is lifted up to the belly button. If there is excess skin below the belly button, it is also removed. If any additional procedures are deemed necessary during the operation, the decision is made by the doctor beforehand.


Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What Should Be Considered Before Mini Tummy Tuck Surgery?

    As with any surgery, it is important to avoid blood thinners and smoking for at least 3 weeks before mini tummy tuck surgery. Otherwise, the healing process of wounds can be significantly prolonged. Before the surgery, it is also advisable to avoid painkillers as much as possible. If necessary, painkillers should be taken under the supervision of a doctor. Additionally, it is recommended to consume a diet rich in fruits and vegetables 3 days before the surgery.

  • What is Mini Tummy Tuck?

    In mini tummy tuck, excess fat in the waist and abdominal area is removed. During the procedure, fat below the navel is removed, while no procedure is performed on the upper part of the abdomen. Anyone can undergo this procedure. However, the final decision belongs to the specialist doctor.

  • How Long Does Abdominoplasty Surgery Take?

    The duration of the abdominoplasty surgery can vary depending on the patient’s individual circumstances. For full tummy tuck procedures, the duration can extend up to 3.5 hours, while the minimum time for completion is around 2 hours. Patients with a larger abdominal area and undergoing liposuction may spend up to 4 hours in surgery. The severity of the issue can also influence the duration, with less severe cases requiring less time.

    The condition of the muscles, the technique of stitching, and the type of anesthesia administered are factors that can affect the duration of the surgery. Additionally, the aesthetic stitching used in abdominoplasty helps to eliminate scarring issues post-operation. However, particularly in women, if there is another pregnancy, the problem may recur partially.

  • Anesthesia in Mini Tummy Tuck Surgery

    Before the procedure, the doctor provides all necessary information. Since an incision will be made during the surgery, general anesthesia will be used.

  • Is the Result of Mini Tummy Tuck Permanent?

    Many issues in the abdominal region can be addressed with surgery. If the patient does not experience extreme weight fluctuations after the surgery, the results can be long-lasting, even permanent. However, weight fluctuations in the patient can eventually lead to some loss of the results.

  • Pregnancy After the Procedure

    This procedure is not recommended for patients planning pregnancy in the near future. This is because, following pregnancy, all excess and loosened tissues in the area may reappear. However, the surgery does not hinder pregnancy.