“One of the favorite procedures of recent times, nose tip aesthetics generally provide effective results in a single session. Since it is performed without surgery, using only local anesthesia, it is extremely practical. Known as minor rhinoplasty in medical literature, it can be applied to both men and women.”

Nasal Tip Aesthetics – (Tip Plasty)

To undergo Nose Tip Aesthetics:

Nose tip aesthetics, performed using technological equipment, are carried out in hospitals and private clinics. Initially, the patient’s complaints and requests are listened to. Subsequently, photographs of the nose are taken from at least 5 different angles. This allows individuals with a crooked or overly raised nasal tip to achieve proportionality with the overall appearance of their face. Patients can easily see the difference between before and after through before/after photos.

Since the intervention is performed internally in the nose area, there are no scars or marks left behind. In this regard, this aesthetic procedure is highly beneficial and has long-lasting effects. Deviations are measured with medical materials to achieve a result close to perfection. Asymmetric nasal tips are made much more aesthetic, meeting the demands of both men and women in this regard.

Success in Nose Tip Aesthetics:

Nose tip aesthetics constitute one of the most delicate points among aesthetic procedures. Since the nose is inherently a highly sensitive organ, utmost care should be taken after the procedure. Being careful directly affects the healing process. Both open and closed approaches to nasal tip procedures do not have any side effects. Some discomfort may occur during the first few days. Pain relievers recommended by the doctor should be used no more than twice a day.

It is forbidden to enter the pool and sauna for the first two days. Additionally, patients should not take a shower for the first 24 hours and should keep the nose area away from water. To avoid negatively affecting the nasal tip, clothing such as jackets and shirts that pass from the back should be preferred over garments like sweaters or T-shirts. Contact sports such as football and basketball should be avoided for a month.


Nose Tip Aesthetics

Nose tip aesthetics is a type of cosmetic surgery performed due to shape deformities in the cartilage of the nasal tip, despite no structural abnormalities in the nasal bone. Procedures correcting asymmetry, drooping, width, or nose issues resembling being squeezed by pliers are referred to as nose tip aesthetics. Known as Tip Plasty, this operation has become quite popular in recent years and is frequently performed on individuals dissatisfied with their nasal tip. It is particularly preferred when the nose does not harmonize with the face and unpleasant appearances occur.

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Who Can Have Nasal Tip Aesthetics?

    A person who wants to undergo tip plasty surgery must first be psychologically healthy. Additionally, it is necessary for them to have completed their anatomical development. Generally, bone development continues until the age of 17, although this may vary from person to person. This age range is considered for tip plasty surgery because the bone structure and cartilage continue to develop until around the age of 17. However, in special cases, this age limit may be adjusted. Since the bone structure and cartilage tissue continue to develop until the age of 17, tip plasty surgery is not recommended at earlier ages. To undergo tip plasty surgery:

    It is important for individual examination and planning to be conducted, and for the person to be involved in the operation process accordingly. Additionally, the person must experience problems such as drooping, widening, asymmetry, or narrowing of the nasal tip for tip plasty surgery to be performed. In this way, structural abnormalities in the nasal tip can be corrected.

    Furthermore, it is essential for the person undergoing the operation to follow the recommendations given by the doctor before the surgery. In aesthetic surgeries like this, the preoperative phase is as important as the postoperative phase. Therefore, it is crucial for the patient to prepare for the operation by following the advice provided by the specialist doctor.

  • Types of Anesthesia in Nasal Tip Aesthetics

    In nasal tip aesthetics, there are two different types of anesthesia: local and general anesthesia. During the operation, the specialist doctor may recommend either local or general anesthesia, or the patient may choose one of these anesthesia types according to their preference. However, for patient comfort, general anesthesia is generally recommended. During local anesthesia, only the nasal area and its surroundings are numbed, and procedures are performed in this way. In general anesthesia, the patient is completely sedated, and procedures on the nose are carried out while the patient is asleep. After being sedated for a short period, the operation begins, and the patient wakes up shortly after it is completed. During this time, the patient feels nothing, and all procedures related to the nose are completed.

  • After Nasal Tip Aesthetics, Precautions to Take

    After nasal tip aesthetics, it is important to pay attention to certain precautions during the recovery process as they can have both positive and negative effects on healing. Here are some things the patient should pay attention to after the surgery:

    1. Avoid engaging in heavy and strenuous sports activities for a while.
    2. Avoid using heavy-framed glasses for a certain period of time.
    3. Use a soft-bristled toothbrush when brushing teeth and avoid brushing with vigorous movements.
    4. Refrain from swimming and similar activities after the surgery.
    5. Additionally, avoid actions such as excessive blowing of the nose that may strain the nose.
    6. Like other nasal aesthetic surgeries, it is advisable to protect the nose from direct sunlight for a while.