Weddings are special and unforgettable days where individuals embark on a brand new journey. During the preparation process for this day, it is important for the bride and groom to have the appearance that makes them feel their best. Bride and groom candidates aim to appear in the snapshots that will immortalize their special day and in front of their guests with the appearance they have dreamed of.

What is Pre-Wedding Aesthetic?

Pre-wedding aesthetic options consist of effective procedures such as facial aesthetics, body aesthetics, rhinoplasty, and breast aesthetics. The most commonly requested pre-wedding aesthetic procedures allow candidates to achieve the desired appearance on their wedding day. Pre-wedding aesthetic options include features such as the effects of the procedure or the recovery process. While bride and groom candidates strive to perfect their appearance for that day, they also set out for a fresh start for their lives after the wedding.

Most Preferred Aesthetic Surgeries Before the Wedding

The most commonly preferred procedures before the wedding include liposuction, arm lift, tummy tuck, and buttock aesthetics. These procedures in the field of body aesthetics allow for achieving the most suitable appearance for the dream wedding dress or suit in a short period. It is possible to get rid of stubborn and persistent fats or to increase the firmness of different areas of the skin for a tighter appearance. These procedures are frequently chosen before the wedding by both female and male users due to their short recovery periods and quickly observable effects.

Rhinoplasty, on the other hand, is among the aesthetic surgeries sought before the wedding day to achieve the desired profile in the dozens of photographs taken. Nose aesthetics procedures, such as reducing the nasal tip, nasal reshaping, or reducing nostril size, are determined according to the facial structure and planned to ensure readiness for the wedding with the best appearance after the healing process. Genital aesthetics, fat injection, and breast aesthetics are other preferred procedures in the field of body aesthetics. Couples who achieve the desired appearance through these procedures become ready for their special day.

Pre-Wedding Non-Surgical Aesthetic Procedures

Before the wedding, various procedures are sought for the facial area besides rhinoplasty. Among these, non-surgical aesthetic options stand out for their ease of application. Dermal filler injections applied to different areas where lips, cheekbones, and depressions have formed are popular among non-surgical aesthetic procedures. They show results quickly, and there is no need for long recovery periods after the procedure. Therefore, bride and groom candidates can easily undergo filler injections even if the wedding is approaching quickly and benefit from them. Another popular aesthetic touch among non-surgical procedures is eyebrow lifting. The appearance of eyebrows affects the proportion, brightness, and facial expressions. Therefore, users who want to have ideal eyebrows emphasize the features of their facial contours by undergoing eyebrow lifting before their wedding days.

Couples who meticulously consider even the smallest details for their weddings receive professional support in preparing their bodies as well. With their competence and experienced approach, Op. Dr. Sedat Baş, an Aesthetic and Plastic Surgeon, ensures that the best results are obtained in a short time in all procedures. Couples embarking on a brand new life prepare for the first day of their adventure with the appearance they have dreamed of.

You can also turn to Op. Dr. Sedat Baş, Aesthetic and Plastic Surgeon, to achieve the best results in pre-wedding preparations. With aesthetic operations containing carefully planned professional procedures, you can achieve the appearance you dream of on your special day.