Breast augmentation surgery, as in many parts of the world, is also among the most preferred aesthetic operations in our country. The most common and effective method used in breast augmentation surgery is silicone implants. The size and shape of silicone implants are decided between the patient and the doctor before the operation. At this point, silicone implants are divided into two main groups: teardrop and round. These implants, named accordingly due to their shapes, have many different features and size options within their subgroups. Personally, during the process of selecting the ideal silicone implant, surgeons may suggest different options based on their personal experiences and opinions. Let’s take a closer look at silicone implants.

What is Teardrop Silicone?

Teardrop silicone, reminiscent of a teardrop shape and resembling the anatomical structure of the breast, is a type of silicone implant. It provides a fuller appearance to the lower part of the breast rather than the upper part. It is generally preferred by women who are very thin and have little breast tissue. Thanks to its ability to provide a natural appearance, it attracts significant interest from those seeking silicone implants. This silicone implant model, which offers many advantages, is placed under the muscle by making an incision under the breast.

Advantages of Teardrop Silicone:

  • It achieves a more natural appearance in individuals with a longer chest wall.
  • Provides a natural look in patients with thin chest wall skin and weak muscle structure.
  • The ability of teardrop silicone implants to better gather loose skin provides an advantage for patients who do not want a lifting procedure due to sagging skin in the breast area.

What is Round Silicone?

Round silicone is an implant model with a semi-circular shape, containing silicone gel that allows for even distribution throughout all parts of the breast, creating a wide appearance. It is generally the first choice for patients who desire larger and fuller breasts. Due to its ability to provide a fuller appearance, there is no need for the use of supportive bras. Round silicone implants are typically inserted through an incision made under the breast and placed under the muscle.

Advantages of Round Silicone:

  • For users who enjoy wearing décolleté clothing, round silicone implants create an extremely pleasing appearance.
  • It eliminates sagging in breast skin, resulting in a firmer appearance.
  • During breast implant replacement, round silicone fills the previous void successfully.

Differences Between Round and Teardrop Silicone:

There are significant differences between teardrop and round silicone implants. The most commonly preferred pair of implants, which allow for achieving the desired size and firmness of the breasts, differ from each other in terms of shape and the results they provide. While round implants are spherical and have a homogeneous structure, teardrop implants have a fuller bottom and a slightly flatter top. Round silicone implants, due to their homogeneous structure, fill the upper pole or décolletage area of the breasts more effectively compared to teardrop implants. This difference is left to the patients’ personal preferences. Another difference between similarly placed implants is that round silicone implants are more practical during the replacement process. Therefore, in case of a potential replacement, round silicone implants are more commonly preferred.

Can Anyone Choose the Silicone They Want?

The choice between teardrop and round silicone implants, which preoccupies users seeking breast augmentation, becomes clear through personal preferences and discussions with a surgeon. Generally, both types of implants can be chosen. However, certain factors should be considered to determine whether they are suitable for your breast structure or body. Your body type plays a critical role in making the choice. When choosing between the two implants, you need to clarify how you want your breasts to look. Then, you should decide on the desired size. After determining the size and style, you can make your choice between teardrop and round silicone implants by conducting necessary examinations and consulting with your surgeon. If you are looking for high-quality silicone implants and an expert surgeon, you can visit and achieve the desired appearance comfortably.