Tummy Tuck Surgery

Due to various reasons, there can be excess skin and sagging around the abdomen. In recent years, several procedures can be performed to solve such problems, with tummy tuck surgery being at the forefront.

Although problems in the abdominal area can also be seen in men, the incidence is higher in women. Especially after pregnancy, aesthetic imperfections due to skin deformation can frequently occur. Sagging and deformation issues can now be resolved with minor aesthetic interventions, thereby achieving a more pleasant appearance.

How is a Tummy Tuck Operation Performed?

The operation treats sagging in the abdominal area and stretch marks around the belly. However, the technique applied during the procedure must be correct. The technique to be applied to the patient is determined by the physician after a detailed examination. Especially, the area where the operation will be performed and the results of radiological imaging provide information about the technique to be applied.

In the operation, the area to be incised continues mostly along the cesarean section line. The sagging skin up to the navel is completely removed. Afterwards, the remaining skin is tightened. The procedure is completed by adjusting the proper proportion for the navel.

If there is a problem of excessive fat in addition to sagging in the abdominal area, excess fat can also be removed during the same operation. For this, liposuction is applied in the tummy tuck surgery. Tightening stitches are placed on the upper part of the abdominal wall membrane. Thus, the abdominal muscles tighten again.


Frequently Asked Questions

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  • How Long Does a Tummy Tuck Operation Take?

    After a tummy tuck operation, the stitches made are aesthetic, thus eliminating the issue of scarring. The unpleasant appearance is removed after the procedure. However, especially in women, if another pregnancy occurs, the problem may partially recur.

    The duration of the surgery generally varies according to the patient’s personal history. The duration can go up to 3.5 hours for complete tummy tuck operations. At a minimum, the surgery is completed in 2 hours. Patients with a wide abdominal area and who also undergo fat removal can be in surgery for up to 4 hours. The lesser the problem, the shorter the duration will be.

    The condition of the muscles, stitching technique, and form of anesthesia are also factors that can affect the duration of the surgery.

  • Recovery Process After a Tummy Tuck Surgery

    The recovery process after surgery varies depending on the scope of the operation. However, each patient stays in the hospital for approximately 1 to 2 days depending on their risk status. After the operation, patients are fitted with a special corset, which should be worn for about a month. This helps achieve the desired shape in the abdominal area during the recovery process and increases the success of the surgery.

    Patients are encouraged to walk 3 to 4 hours after the surgery and once they are moved to their room. During the first walk, the patient may need assistance from a companion. However, by the next day, they should start walking by themselves. It is normal to experience some pain due to the stitches for a while. Medication can be used for the pain. Especially during the first week, this pain can intensify during coughing and sneezing.

    A week later, the stitches start to heal. The patient can take a bath 3 days after the surgery. You can also contact us to benefit from our experienced team.