Breast aesthetics is generally a surgical procedure applied when the breasts are larger or smaller than their normal sizes or when there are shape deformities. Deformities in the breasts can cause problems both functionally and aesthetically. Breasts, which start to grow during puberty in women, continue to develop during the same period and reach their normal sizes towards the end of puberty. Additionally, there is some growth during pregnancy as well.

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Information About Breast Aesthetics

In women, breast size generally increases due to familial, hormonal, and structural disorders, especially in cases of significant weight gain. Due to such reasons, excessive growth in the breasts is likely. On the other hand, various physical problems can also arise due to breast size. At the forefront of these discomforts is the shift of the body’s center of gravity forward, leading to the formation of pain in the back, waist, neck, and shoulders.

Additionally, friction in areas where overly enlarged breasts touch each other or at the folds can cause redness or diaper rash. It is also possible to mention the occurrence of odorous moistures. The shift in the body’s center of gravity can lead to a clumsy or hunched posture disorder in the general body shape. Breast aesthetics is a highly effective surgical procedure to address such issues.

Before undergoing breast augmentation, reduction, or lifting surgery, there are several preparatory steps that need to be taken. Primarily, it’s essential to have consultations with the doctor at the center where the surgery will be performed and to inform the surgeon about any previous surgeries. It is also crucial to inform the doctor about any medications being taken. Furthermore, if there is a history of cancer treatment in the family or close relatives, this information should be shared with the surgeon.

It is mandatory to undergo a doctor’s examination and get blood tests done at the hospital where the surgery will be performed before the surgery. It’s advised not to leave the blood tests until the last minute, as the surgeon may require additional tests if deemed necessary. Additionally, it’s important to inform the doctor about any conditions like a cold that may occur after the doctor’s examination.

Another pre-surgery requirement is to have mammography and ultrasound tests done without waiting until the last minute. Depending on the results of these examinations, the surgeon may request a general surgical examination, which could lead to a change in the surgery date.

Moreover, one of the topics to be discussed with the doctor before the operation is determining the most suitable placement method. The best measurements for the body are decided upon after consultations with the doctor. Also, if it’s decided to use the underarm area for insertion during these discussions, it’s necessary for the underarm to be hair-free and clean on the day of the surgery.

After breast aesthetics surgery, the patient is taken to their room and should be accompanied by a caretaker. Depending on the doctor’s approval, the patient can be discharged on the same day or the next day. Experiencing pain on the first day is normal, and painkillers are usually prescribed for such situations. The arms should not be strained in any way for about 3 to 4 days. The patient can return to work after 4 days from the surgery and resume their normal life, excluding heavy exercises and harsh movements. The breasts will be sensitive for about 3 weeks, so they should be protected from external impacts.

Furthermore, information on the sleeping position after the operation should be obtained from the surgeon. Also, for the first week, reaching for high shelves and ironing should be avoided.

Swelling, bruising, or numbness may occur after the surgery; these are generally considered normal. Moreover, the patient can shower 3 to 4 days post-surgery. Sports activities can be resumed in about 6 to 8 weeks. The breasts will be larger than normal during the first two weeks but will gradually reach their ideal size over time. Additionally, it is advised to use a sports bra for the duration specified by the doctor. It’s crucial to adhere to the follow-up dates specified by the doctor.

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Performed Operations

There are different operations for breast aesthetics, which are performed to bring the breasts to suitable sizes and to ensure women are more comfortable in their daily lives. Generally, breast aesthetics operations include the following:

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Having breasts significantly larger than normal can cause various physical discomforts, as well as difficulties in choosing clothes and underwear. Women with overly large breasts experience significant challenges in selecting outfits. Additionally, it wouldn’t be incorrect to say that breasts that are either too large or too small are considered an aesthetic flaw. Many women who are uncomfortable with the size of their breasts feel compelled to hide them, which is a significant issue. Consequently, it’s a fact that these women may not feel comfortable in many social situations and sporting activities.

Breast size issues can start from puberty for some women. Moreover, a condition known as macromastia, which refers to excessively large breasts, also becomes apparent during puberty. Women facing this issue should definitely undergo hormonal evaluation.

Breast sizes can be classified as mild, moderate, and severe. Also, sagging can occur due to the size of the breasts. The extent of sagging in the breasts is determined by the degree of their size. It is accurate to say that sagging is more pronounced in women with severe breast enlargement.

In breast size operations, surgical methods are used to bring the volume and general appearance of the breasts back to a normal state. Through these operations, the volume of the breasts is significantly reduced, and their position on the chest is corrected. These procedures give the breasts a more aesthetic appearance on the body.

General anesthesia is used during the operation, and it’s necessary to stay in the hospital for the first night after surgery. Although it’s not considered in the high-risk category of surgeries, staying in the hospital for one night is prudent due to potential complications such as hematoma, infection, and the breast shape not achieving the desired size. Furthermore, undesirable outcomes may result if the post-operation breast shape doesn’t meet ideal measurements.

Issues may arise from some of these problems occurring simultaneously. For example, post-operation, breasts may be both small and saggy or large and saggy. Such issues can lead to deformities in body shape and even pave the way for psychological distress in women. Additionally, having breasts that are naturally small can emerge as a serious aesthetic concern.

Breast (Breast) Augmentation Surgery

For women, breasts are one of the most significant organs of the body. It’s accurate to say that the importance of body structure has increased today due to the significant emphasis on appearance. Therefore, many women opt for breast aesthetic surgeries to correct deformities in their breasts. Considering the advancements in technology, many aesthetic operations can be performed without issues today. Interventions in the breast area through aesthetic operations effectively allow women to have the breast structure they desire. Most breast augmentation operations involve the use of silicone breast implants. In recent years, the most preferred breast aesthetic has emerged as breast augmentation surgery.

Many women who think their breasts are too large or too small or desire to have upright breasts can achieve the breasts they want through breast aesthetic operations. Thanks to the planning done before the operation, the final appearance of the breasts is conveyed to the person who will undergo the operation, and then the procedures are performed.

Breast Lifting Surgery

One of the operations that help the breasts become more shapely is breast lifting surgery. Usually performed due to breast sagging, this surgery results in more shapely breasts, eliminates sagging, and achieves more upright breasts. Of course, there are specific reasons for breast sagging, which generally include the following;

Excessive weight gain and loss are among the primary causes of breast sagging.
Additionally, significant sagging occurs in the breasts after the end of the breastfeeding period following pregnancy.
On the other hand, due to gravity, some women may also experience adverse results like breast sagging.

Generally, women with large breasts experience more breast sagging. The ligaments that hold the breasts start to weaken over time. Additionally, the aging effect on the ligaments that support the breasts also plays a role in the occurrence of sagging. Therefore, women with large breasts face problems like breast sagging more than other women. Physiological reasons can also cause breast sagging, referred to as characteristic breast sagging.

How Is Breast Reduction Surgery Performed?

In women, having naturally large breasts can cause discomfort in some situations. Excessively large breasts not only create an aesthetic appearance issue but also cause back, arm, and shoulder pains. Over time, health problems necessitate breast reduction surgery. Additionally, the size of the breasts can lead to sagging over time, prompting women to opt for breast reduction surgery.

Before breast reduction surgery, detailed examinations are conducted, and the amount of breast tissue to be removed is determined by the surgeon and the patient before the operation. The procedures, performed under general anesthesia, last about 3 hours. As a result, excess tissues are removed from the breasts, and significant reshaping is done.

Who Should Have Breast Aesthetic Surgery?

Breast aesthetic operations are not performed on individuals under the age of 18. Unless there is an exceptional circumstance, the person must have reached the age of 18. After the completion of breast development, any woman can comfortably have breast aesthetic surgery. Additionally, women who experience constant weight changes should undergo breast aesthetic surgery. Weight gain leading to excessive enlargement of the breasts causes various problems over time, resulting in pains in the arms, back, and shoulders and shifting the body’s center of gravity.

Among those who need breast aesthetic surgery are women experiencing deformities in their breasts. Aesthetic deformities that create negative images make it difficult for women to choose clothes and find suitable underwear. Therefore, breast aesthetic surgeries are necessary to correct deformities in the breasts.

Also, women with flattened breasts, those who have quit smoking, or those with downward-pointing nipples or overly enlarged breasts may need breast surgery. Different surgeries within breast aesthetics make it possible to quickly address these issues and achieve more aesthetically pleasing breasts.

Breast Aesthetics Recovery Process

The recovery process after breast aesthetics occurs under certain conditions. At least 6 hours after the operation, liquid foods are started. The patient stays in the hospital under observation for at least 1 day and is discharged the next day. Antibiotics are used for 7 days to prevent any infection after the surgery. Four days after the surgery, dressings and bandages are removed.

During the recovery process, the use of herbal or vitamin-containing tablets, including aspirin, is not allowed. Walking can begin two weeks after the operation. If dissolvable stitches are used during the surgery, there is no need for stitch removal. However, if regular stitches are used, they are removed with a thin strip. Approximately 1 month later, the doctor recommends exercise programs to be applied without interruption for 6 months. The time for the breasts to achieve their ideal shape after the operation varies between 4 to 6 months.”

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