Mini Face Lift

Facelift surgeries are minimized in today’s practices and applied to specific areas.

Facelift surgeries are now being minimized and applied to specific points. Instead of performing surgery for the entire face, the mini facelift technique allows for faster recovery with fewer incisions.

  • Only the lower part of the face,

  • Cheek area

  • Double chin,

When there is cheek sagging beyond just neck sagging, the application is carried out with minimal incisions by simply tightening the skin.

Before signs of aging and sagging become too advanced in different areas of the face, typically in the early ages of 40-50, this procedure is considered. Thus, it is much easier to tighten the skin that still has an elastic structure. Following an examination conducted under the supervision of a specialist doctor, if the area is suitable for a mini facelift procedure, the application is carried out through different methods.

How is Mini Facelift Surgery Performed?

During periods when the skin has not lost its elasticity, signs of aging and sagging in the facial area can be easily addressed with this minimal surgical intervention. The facelift surgery, which can be performed under local or general anesthesia, involves lifting the skin in a limited area.

The procedure is carried out without excessive incisions, and the skin is lifted using purse-string sutures without cutting facial muscles. Also known as mini facelift, this operation is very short. Since there is no cutting of facial muscles, there is no bleeding or swelling. Starting from the front of the earlobe, the application is completed over a cut of about 7 centimeters hidden in the inner ear region.


Frequently Asked Questions

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  • The Results of Mini Facelift Surgery

    Through the skin lifted with mini facelift surgery, sagging in the cheeks and lower jaw is corrected. Cheekbones achieve the desired appearance, and the grooves around the nose are softened. The mini facelift surgery, which lasts approximately 2.5 hours, is performed under local or general anesthesia or sedation.

    This operation can also be performed in conjunction with some combined procedures. Eyebag removal, facial fat injection, or hair lift surgeries can be combined with mini facelift surgery in one session. This way, the chance to achieve a much tighter, healthier, and younger-looking skin is obtained.

  • After Mini Facelift Surgery

    The results of mini facelift surgery include minimal bruising and swelling due to the small incision made. When performed in the 40s and 50s, since the skin is still relatively young, the recovery process is much shorter and easier. Healing of the stitches, tightening of the treated area, and disappearance of bruising and swelling occur quickly.

    After the surgery, the aesthetic improvement in facial appearance is perceived as entirely natural in social circles. Mini facelift surgery does not alter the individual’s facial features; it simply provides a much younger appearance. This operation, conducted under the supervision of a specialist doctor, is increasingly preferred for moderate and mild sagging and wrinkles.