Eyelid surgery, also known as blepharoplasty, can address drooping eyelids for desired aesthetic results. Measures should be taken early for drooping eyelids due to various factors such as aging, accidents, or genetic reasons.

Over time, drooping eyelids can not only obstruct vision but also lead to unpleasant appearances. Many individuals seek definitive solutions to this problem. The quickest and easiest way to address this issue is through eyelid surgery or blepharoplasty.

What is Eyelid Surgery?

Drooping eyelids, regardless of the cause, can be not only a health issue but also an aesthetic concern. Over time, increased drooping, puffiness, or wrinkling can have serious consequences on individuals’ self-confidence. Therefore, undergoing eyelid surgery may be the most appropriate option for these individuals.
Known as blepharoplasty in the medical field, this procedure aims to bring the eyelids into the most suitable condition after personalized analyses. After the procedures, a much more aesthetic and pleasing result is achieved than before. These procedures not only have positive psychological effects due to achieving a younger appearance but also attract attention for their health benefits.


Frequently Asked Questions:

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  • How is Eyelid Surgery Performed?

    Before undergoing eyelid surgery, patients undergo various assessments. These evaluations help determine the shape that the eyelid should take. At this stage, the goal is to achieve a natural appearance for both the eyelid and the eye. For this reason, doctors make measurements by drawing certain lines around the eye area.

  • Who is Eyelid Surgery Applied to?

    Eyelid ptosis surgery can be performed for anyone experiencing eyelid drooping due to various reasons. However, before these procedures, certain examinations are conducted on individuals. Factors such as whether they are suitable for the procedures, if they have any allergies to medications to be used, are thoroughly checked.

    Additionally, attention should be paid to whether individuals have any chronic illnesses or regularly use medications. If the results of these checks are positive, then eyelid surgery can be performed for the individuals concerned. Moreover, factors such as the condition of the eyelids or the age of the individuals should also be taken into account.

  • What to Consider Before Eyelid Surgery?

    Before eyelid surgery, it is crucial not to deviate from the information provided by healthcare professionals. The most important considerations before these operations can be listed as follows:

    • Discontinuation of blood-thinning medication should be done at least 1 week before surgery.

    • Information about medications routinely used for different illnesses should be provided to healthcare professionals early, and actions should be taken according to the information they provide.

    • Creams or similar cosmetic products should not be used in the relevant area before the surgery.

    • If healthcare professionals have provided a nutrition program to be followed before the surgery, attention should be paid to this matter.

    • Medication treatment should not be applied to the relevant area without the knowledge of healthcare professionals.

    • If there are any chronic illnesses, they must be explained to healthcare professionals in detail.

  • Eyelid Surgery Recovery Process:

    After eyelid surgery, symptoms such as swelling or redness may appear in the affected areas. However, this is temporary and typically resolves within 3-7 days. Cold compresses applied at intervals after the operation can help reduce swelling or redness. Bandages over the stitches are removed three days after the operation. Stitches can be removed at the earliest one week after the operation.

    Individuals who have undergone eyelid surgery can typically return to their daily routines after about three days. After one month, all traces completely disappear, and the desired appearance is fully achieved. These durations may vary depending on the patients’ conditions or the techniques applied by the surgeons. Those considering eyelid surgery can seek assistance from Sedat Baş at any time regarding such matters.