Deciding to undergo cosmetic surgery is an important process in itself. Your personal characteristics, the plans in your life, and the pace of your life are the factors that most influence your decision to undergo cosmetic surgery. After deciding to undergo cosmetic surgery, we would like to help you answer your questions about who to choose and which time period would be more suitable for you.
After deciding to undergo cosmetic surgery and obtaining necessary information from your doctor, you can plan the timing together with your doctor. You can find the answer to the question “Are winter months more suitable for cosmetic surgeries?” in our article.

Which Surgeries Should Be Done in Which Season?

Your face is undoubtedly the most important area for your appearance. Therefore, aesthetic surgeries performed on the face carry great significance. Operations such as facelift, rhinoplasty, and neck lift are prone to some complications when performed in the summer season. Due to the hot weather in summer, sweating and swelling may occur on your face. Particularly, rhinoplasty is among the surgeries not recommended in the summer season. Swelling and bruising on the face can be observed after nose aesthetic surgeries. Hot weather can increase both swelling and bruising on the face. In addition to the effect of hot weather, if you experience allergic reactions in spring and summer, having a nose surgery during this period can slow down the healing process. Therefore, when rhinoplasty is performed in winter, the recovery process can be facilitated.

In which months should individuals with allergic tendencies undergo rhinoplasty?

Allergy, as widely known, is a condition where external factors such as dust and pollen cause an excessive reaction in the nose and upper respiratory tract. If you also have a chronic allergy to pollen and dust, the spring season is not an ideal time for you to undergo nose surgery. After nose surgery, nasal congestion may occur during the healing process. In addition to this condition that occurs after the operation, if allergic reactions develop, it can start a challenging process for the individual. This situation, which slows down the healing process, can also cause discomfort for you. The most ideal months for those with allergies are autumn and winter. In autumn and winter, a large part of allergic reactions disappear. Moreover, the cool weather does not cause swelling on your face, which helps the healing process to be much more comfortable.

When Should Combined Surgeries Be Performed?

Combined aesthetic surgeries can be described as operations where multiple aesthetic procedures are performed together due to both the patient’s requests and certain requirements. Prior approval from a specialist physician is necessary for these operations, where two or more aesthetic surgeries are performed simultaneously. Combined surgeries take longer in duration compared to single operations. Therefore, it is important that the individual’s overall health condition is suitable for such procedures.

Rhinoplasty is one of the surgeries that can be performed together with other aesthetic procedures. Operations such as jaw surgeries, lip augmentation, with the doctor’s approval, can be performed alongside rhinoplasty. The recommended time interval for combined surgeries performed on the face or other parts of the body is generally during the fall and winter months. Undergoing aesthetic procedures during the winter months may facilitate a smoother recovery process when multiple aesthetic procedures are applied to your face or body. However, this does not mean that combined operations cannot be performed during the summer months.

It is important to discuss with your doctor what to do before and after combined surgery. The recovery process after aesthetic surgeries depends not only on your doctor but also on you and the precautions you take. Following recommendations and advice contributes to a much faster recovery and ensures that the aesthetics look as they should. For more detailed information about both single aesthetic surgeries and combined operations, you can visit Sedat Baş’s clinic.