One of the surgeries that continues to increase day by day is aesthetic surgery. Although the rate of undergoing aesthetic surgery is increasing, various information about aesthetics is obtained, and doctors are consulted. Firstly, before undergoing aesthetic surgery, it is essential to know how the surgery will be performed, what to do or not to do before the surgery. Going to places without doing proper research can lead to the restoration of the old appearance after surgery. Therefore, it is crucial to conduct thorough research about aesthetics to know how to proceed. If you undergo surgery without researching, you may enter a path with no turning back. Before surgery, it is essential to learn the truths and misconceptions and make a decision based on this correct information. The misconceptions about aesthetic surgery are as follows:

Aesthetic Surgery is Performed in Winter

One of the most common misconceptions about aesthetics is that aesthetic surgery is performed in winter. Such a situation is absolutely not possible. Aesthetic surgeries can be performed both in winter and summer. However, in surgeries performed in summer, the most crucial point to consider is that the area where stitches are made in aesthetic surgeries should be protected from the sun. You can protect the area where you have undergone aesthetic surgery by using sunscreen with a high SPF. In this case, there will be no risk.

After Aesthetic Surgery, the Nose Droops

It is among the rumors that your nose, which is slightly raised after aesthetic surgery, will droop. However, after a good operation, there is absolutely no situation where the tip of the nose droops. By putting aside the misconceptions you know about aesthetics, you can reassure yourself with the truths of aesthetics.

There are No Stitch Marks in Aesthetic Surgeries

Although medicine has advanced, and the success rates of aesthetics continue to increase, it is not possible for stitch marks to disappear completely. Your doctor can make the scar less visible by performing various procedures during the operation to minimize the appearance of the scar. However, complete disappearance is not currently possible.

Eyelid Aesthetic Surgery is Harmful to the Eyes

Eyelid surgery is performed by surgeons to make the eyelids of people with drooping eyelids look more normal and return to their previous state. Eyelid surgery is performed by surgeons. However, it is rumored that aesthetic procedures performed on the eyelids can be harmful to the eyes due to the importance of the eye on the face. There is no harm to the eyes from this surgery. On the contrary, it is an essential operation that must be performed to ensure that the patient sees more comfortably and to eliminate possible vision impairments due to eyelids in the future.

After learning the correct information about aesthetics, you can undergo your surgery with peace of mind. Misconceptions about aesthetics discourage people from aesthetics and prevent them from having surgery with misconceptions for years. You can undergo your surgery after conducting thorough research.