Thanks to aesthetic surgeries, having a flawless face becomes possible. Nasal tip surgery has become particularly popular in recent years! Many people complain about the humped structure of their nose. Nasal tip surgery is preferred by individuals who have different complaints rather than a humped structure. It is the choice of those facing issues such as the width or drooping of the nasal tip. Not intervening in the nasal bones and cartilage structure at all during nasal tip surgery is a significant advantage.

Nasal Tip Surgery, also known as Tip Plasty, what is it?

It is an operation aimed at eliminating certain shape deformities in the nasal tip. Compared to other nasal aesthetic surgeries, it is much easier. Additionally, it should be noted that it takes less time. Another name for it is tip plastid. It is preferred by individuals who do not have deformities or curvature in the nasal bone. It is especially suitable for those who have concerns such as width, curvature, thickness, irregularity, or wideness of the nasal tip cartilage. During nasal tip surgery, there is no manipulation of the nasal bone. Only the cartilage section on the front part of the nose is aimed to be brought to the desired appearance.

Nasal Tip Surgery, also known as Tip Plasty, who is it done for?

Tip plasty; it is a surgery that only takes 20-30 minutes. Contrary to popular belief, it does not involve a painful process. The patient is given some medications through the nose before the surgery. This way, any pain or discomfort after the operation is prevented. It is a safe operation performed under sedation and local anesthesia.
Tip plasty; it is preferred by those who do not have any problems in the septum area of the nose, have a smooth nasal dorsum, do not have a flat and wide nose, and only have a visible problem in the nasal tip. In addition, it is suitable for girls over the age of 16 and boys over the age of 18. The age of the operation may vary due to the completion of nasal development earlier in girls. In addition, there is no upper age limit for nasal tip surgery.

What is Rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty is known as a much more serious nasal surgery compared to nasal tip surgery. Rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure performed to change the shape of the nose. It aims to correct any deformity resulting from injury, eliminate birth defects, improve the physical appearance of the nose, and alleviate breathing difficulties.

The Differences Between Nasal Tip Surgery and Rhinoplasty

First and foremost, it should be noted that during rhinoplasty, direct intervention is made to the patient’s nasal bones. However, in tip plasty, no bone breaking is involved. Therefore, the recovery process for tip plasty is shorter. Additionally, the risk of bleeding during tip plasty is almost nonexistent.

Nasal Tip Surgery Tip Plasty Advantages:

• First and foremost, it is completed in a much shorter time. There are no difficulties during the operation.
• The patient can resume their daily life shortly after the operation.
• It is a suitable operation for patients with a suitable nasal structure and no nasal tip deformities, and its cost is lower compared to other aesthetic surgeries.
• Swelling begins to decrease within two days after the operation. The patient can continue their life without any problems after the seventh day. However, numbness in the nasal tip may continue for one or two more months. Rapid healing is observed within the first three months. The patient fully recovers within six to 12 months.
• There is no bone breaking. As a result, the risk of swelling, bruising, and bleeding is much lower.