Nose Surgery and Eyewear Usage After Surgery

Nose surgery is generally one of the most commonly performed aesthetic procedures. After nose surgery, it is crucial for the patient to recover quickly and, at the same time, in a healthy manner. The primary concern should be protecting the nasal area. Even factors like wearing glasses can have negative effects on a patient who has undergone surgery, aside from measures to prevent impacts. Shape distortion or discomfort may occur. For those who need to wear glasses after surgery, the use of glasses must be postponed for a few weeks. This is because using glasses can adversely affect patient comfort. After surgery, patients may experience pain and swelling in the nose. If glasses are also worn during this period, the weight and pressure increase, exacerbating the discomfort.

Post-Nose Surgery

It is essential for patients to protect their noses after nose surgery, even if it means refraining from wearing glasses. Using glasses in the short term after the operation can cause adverse changes in the nasal structure. This results in undesirable outcomes. The required shape will be fully established approximately one year after nose surgery. Being careful and attentive personally, being cautious about infections, and avoiding even the slightest blows to the nose are important for shortening the recovery process.

Within nose surgeries, procedures such as nose reduction or corrective surgeries are performed. Regardless of the type of procedure, it is recommended for patients to wear contact lenses during the recovery period, even though wearing glasses may be necessary. The doctor-patient relationship is crucial after the operation. Implementing every recommendation is an indicator of a healthy recovery process. After the healing process, glasses can continue to be worn. Therefore, this period is one of patience and dedication. When wearing glasses, it is essential to be careful, especially if there is pain or discomfort, such as removing them when feeling pain or experiencing discomfort during any sports activity.

Eyewear Usage After Nose Surgery

It is not recommended to use glasses for the first month after nose surgery. In fact, this period can be extended. The weight of the glasses can cause shape distortion in the nasal area and even breathing problems. Since there is a cast on the nose after the aesthetic procedure, wearing glasses is already impossible. Even after the recovery period, permission may be granted for the use of lightly framed glasses. If extensive work has been done on the nasal tissue, the duration of permission for wearing glasses may be extended.

Using glasses after nose surgery can cause pain. Since this period is the most sensitive, even seemingly simple glasses usage can lead to serious pain and distortion of the nose shape while trying to protect against impacts. For these reasons, patients are asked to refrain from using glasses for a certain period of time after nose surgery. Pain, bruising, and swelling may occur after nose aesthetic surgeries. As this period is a healing period, cold compresses are especially necessary. And of course, since there is a cast on the nose during this process, even though wearing glasses may be a necessity for the patient, it cannot be used.