The success of a cosmetic operation is directly linked to several factors, with the most crucial being the doctor’s experience. Individuals deciding to undergo a cosmetic procedure should pay attention to specific criteria when choosing their surgeon. These criteria include:

  • Plastic surgeons are divided into sub-specialties. The division into areas indicates that doctors provide services in their specialized field and have completed their expertise in that area. Therefore, you should first inquire about the surgeon’s area of specialization.
  • A surgeon’s hands-on experience can enhance the recovery period and the success of the procedure. Hence, you should inquire about the surgeon’s experience.
  • For procedures like breast augmentation and rhinoplasty, you can ask to review the surgeon’s previous cases.
  • Plastic surgeons often perform surgeries in agreement with hospitals. Therefore, you should find out in which hospital the surgeon conducts surgeries.

Why Is the Doctor Important in Cosmetic Surgery Procedures?

The goal of a cosmetic operation is to achieve a natural and beautiful appearance. The realization of the expected naturalness post-surgery is entirely dependent on the surgeon’s manual dexterity. Therefore, you should definitely choose doctors with advanced manual skills for the procedure. The cost of the operation is directly influenced by the surgeon. You must consider the surgery cost set by the surgeon. Even though cosmetic surgeries may bear the same name, the procedures carried out are by no means standard. Choosing the right surgeon is very important both for health and aesthetic reasons. Istanbul is one of the most developed areas in the field of plastic surgery.

How Should Communication Be Between the Plastic Surgeon and the Patient?

Cosmetic surgeries are very significant operations that affect individuals’ psychological states. Especially surgeries that result in unsuccessful outcomes can lead to substantial financial and emotional losses. Therefore, excellent communication between the patient and the doctor should be established both before and after the procedure. The patient must clearly communicate their expectations from the operation to their doctor. Communication gaps between the doctor and patient can lead to negative outcomes. Plastic surgeons should carefully follow up with their patients before and after the surgery and apply all necessary treatments. They should understand the patient’s desires and decide on the most appropriate surgical method that could suit the patient.

Qualities Plastic Surgeons Should Possess

Plastic surgeons must possess certain qualities. First and foremost, they should be good listeners. They must listen to the patient’s expectations and complaints to offer the right solutions. If the body shape or procedures the patient desires are not suitable, they should provide proper guidance and focus on the most natural outcome. The desired eyebrow structure, nose shape, breast structure, and fillers cannot be the same for everyone. Therefore, forward-thinking and experienced doctors should show the patient the most natural version of the desired shape. Plastic Surgeon Sedat Baş possesses all the qualities a surgeon should have and is one of the best in his field. You must remember that choosing the right and trustworthy doctor is crucial for being satisfied with the surgery outcome. Otherwise, you may experience financial and emotional losses.