Breast aesthetics is one of the most common operations in cosmetic surgery, typically involving the application of silicone breast implants. Breast aesthetics directly contribute to the appearance and are entirely customized to the individual’s shaping requests. Nowadays, breast augmentation can be performed using fat injections or fillers. However, injections using the patient’s own fat may sometimes not be accepted by the body, dissolving and failing to achieve the desired volume. For this reason, breast implants are always the preferred choice.

After Breast Augmentation

The recovery period after breast augmentation is undoubtedly painful. Care and attention should be given to the use of pain relievers and post-operative control medications prescribed by the doctor. Sometimes, pain injections are preferred to keep the pain under control.

After breast aesthetics, the use of painkillers for up to a week will bring the pain to a manageable level, after which the doctor will discontinue these medications due to potential side effects such as constipation or drowsiness. Post-operation, patients may experience pain not only in the breast area but also in the shoulders, neck, and back, with occasional cramps that can be controlled with muscle relaxants. A maximum of one week of rest is generally sufficient for patients to return to their normal life, after which they can continue living while avoiding heavy exercises, sports, and impacts.

Recovery After Breast Aesthetics

Breast reduction is as commonly performed as breast augmentation within the scope of breast aesthetics. Whether it’s augmentation or reduction, both operations are followed by a recovery process. Pain in the breast area can also manifest as back or shoulder pain. It’s important during this period for the patient to learn how to protect themselves.

The healing stages after breast operations, including breast reduction, undoubtedly vary from patient to patient. Following the doctor’s recommendations is the most critical part of this process. The recovery phase can vary depending on the nature of the breast operation performed. Swelling or bruising may subside within a few days, but if the surgery involves the armpit, this period may be extended. As long as the patient adheres to the doctor’s rules, the return to normal life will be much quicker. The recovery process after breast operations is actually the most important part. It’s necessary to avoid lifting the arms too high, carrying heavy objects, and engaging in strenuous activities. For example, to avoid swelling, it’s recommended to maintain as upright a posture as possible. Besides all these physical precautions, there’s also the psychological aspect, which involves allowing oneself to heal without succumbing to stress.

Sports After Breast Augmentation Surgery

After breast augmentation surgeries, it is necessary to avoid intense sports for 1 month and hot places such as solariums and saunas for 2 months. Especially in arm sports, the area where silicone is placed can be greatly affected, and complications can arise because the wound is new. Hot environments also mean edema formation for a patient in the healing process.

Regardless of how well the surgery goes in breast aesthetics, what matters most is the subsequent healing process. Failure to adhere to the rules given during this period, or neglecting them, can not only lead to a deterioration in the outcome but also cause serious health problems.