Cosmetic surgery refers to the reconstruction of various parts of the body to give them different shapes as desired. It is performed in the surgical departments of hospitals by plastic surgeons who conduct the desired surgery. However, before deciding to undergo surgery, it is beneficial to find a good doctor. You can have this surgery with the recommendation of your doctor, who is good at his/her job and has good references. Cosmetic surgeries are very important surgeries. Especially, nose surgery is the most requested and desired surgery nationwide. Thousands of people change the shape of their noses every year through nose surgery and achieve a nose that suits them better. There are some points to consider before cosmetic surgery. By paying attention to these points before surgery, you can contribute to a healthier procedure.

Factors to Consider Before Surgery

Even though it is cosmetic surgery, as soon as surgery is mentioned, stress occurs, and people enter the surgery day in a more stressful state until the day of surgery. However, before undergoing surgery, it is necessary to prepare yourself both physically and mentally. When you are mentally ready for surgery, your surgery will go more smoothly.

If you regularly use various medications (such as heart medications, diabetes medications, asthma and thyroid medications, etc.), you should show your doctor the medications you use regularly and ask if there is any inconvenience for your surgery.

You should refrain from using products such as cigarettes and alcohol at least one week before surgery.

The recovery processes of cosmetic surgeries are different from other surgeries. For example, if you have decided to have a nose surgery, your lower eyelids and eyes will usually bruise and swell after nose surgery. If you are going to experience such a situation and it will cause you to fall into depression mentally, you should definitely not have surgery. Even if you prepare yourself for the surgery mentally, it is also beneficial to prepare for the postoperative period.

If you are using birth control pills, you should stop using them at least 4 weeks before surgery. You can also discuss this issue with your doctor if you wish.

Pay Attention to Your Diet

Before the surgery, at least two weeks before the surgery, you should consume 2 liters of water every day. During this period, you should consume more liquid foods instead of solid foods and eat natural fibrous foods. You should avoid alcohol and similar products and consume healthier products.

Make Good Preparations Before Surgery

While preparing for cosmetic surgery, to relax more and get rid of the surgery psychology, take a nice shower the night before the surgery day and rest well. Go to bed early and get enough sleep. When you mentally prepare yourself for surgery, you can ensure that your surgery goes more smoothly and problem-free. Since you will stay in the hospital for one or two days, it is beneficial to take at least one pajama set with you.