Breast sagging is a common problem, typically occurring with advancing age. In women, it can result from breastfeeding, weight gain, and gravity, while in men, it can occur due to factors such as gynecomastia, weight gain, and gravity.

Causes of Breast Sagging

While the main cause may not be fully understood, there are some factors that trigger and affect breast sagging in both women and men.

  • Pregnancy: During pregnancy, breasts undergo growth due to hormonal changes. Therefore, greater breast sagging may occur in larger breasts.
  • Genetic Factors: Genetic factors are one of the most significant inheritances given to humanity from the past to the present. Therefore, our current existence is a reflection of our past. Another factor that may cause breast sagging is our genetics.
  • Weight: After the skin elasticity determined by genetic factors, if weight gain and loss are also added, breast sagging is likely to occur.
  • Sun Exposure: Vitamins obtained from the sun are a natural source for our body. However, excessive exposure to UV rays can cause severe health problems. Excessive sunlight exposure is one of the most important causes of skin cancer, premature aging, and breast sagging.
  • Smoking: The most significant factor affecting breast sagging is smoking. The protein called “elastin,” which provides elasticity to the skin, breaks down when smoking. Therefore, the skin loses its elasticity, leading to breast sagging.
  • Exercising Without Support: During exercise, especially in individuals with larger breasts, breasts move back and forth and from side to side. If the breasts are not supported externally during exercise, the supporting ligaments and tissues of the breasts may be damaged, leading to breast sagging.

How to Prevent Breast Sagging?

Genetic factors and aging may not be controllable, but the risk of breast sagging can be reduced by eliminating some contributing factors. Achieving the ideal weight, quitting smoking, and providing breast support during exercise can significantly prevent breast sagging.

You can create a diet plan with the help of a nutritionist to reach the ideal weight. Additionally, regular exercise can be beneficial. Moreover, quitting smoking and avoiding environments with cigarette smoke are essential. Strengthening the muscles beneath the breasts can somewhat alleviate complaints of breast sagging in both women and men.

How to Correct Breast Sagging?

  • Exercises that prevent breast sagging can also be performed when breast sagging has already occurred. Specifically, regular push-ups contribute to strengthening the chest muscles and providing support to the breasts.
  • Wearing a bra is one of the factors that can prevent breast sagging. However, it should not be considered as the sole factor preventing or correcting breast sagging.
  • Women should wear bras that fit their breast size properly.
  • Running contributes to overall fitness and health. While doing so, supporting the breasts to protect breast tissue also helps prevent and correct breast sagging.
  • Breast sagging can occur in various ways, and the surgical method used for treatment varies accordingly.
  •  Treatment for large and sagging breasts involves breast reduction and lifting surgeries, which have several techniques.
  • Treatment for normally sized and sagging breasts involves mastopexy, also known as breast lifting surgery.
  • Treatment for breasts that have lost volume and sagged involves surgeries where silicone implants and lifting are performed together.