Being born with prominent ears can lead to a decrease in children’s self-confidence and make them feel uncomfortable among their peers as they grow older. In fact, this condition can persist even into adulthood when the child becomes a grown individual.

What is Ear Pinning Surgery? How is it Done?

“Ear pinning surgery” is one of the ear reshaping procedures performed to change the shape and position of the ears. In medical terms, this operation is called “otoplasty.” The surgery area for ear pinning is behind the ear, which prevents the stitches from being visible. The invisibility of stitches generally helps children feel better after the surgery. The duration of the surgery is approximately 2 hours. Ear pinning surgery is usually performed under general anesthesia for children and rarely under general anesthesia for adults, mostly with local anesthesia.

At what age is Ear Pinning Surgery performed?

Ear pinning surgery can involve various procedures such as bringing the ears closer to the head, enhancing the definition of the ear folds, and correcting anomalies in the ear fold. Of course, for this surgery to be performed, the ears need to have completed their development. Ears begin to develop from birth, and this development process is generally completed around the ages of 5-6. Therefore, ear pinning surgery is typically started around these ages. Operations performed around the ages of 6-7, considering the beginning of schooling, are crucial to prevent damage to self-confidence.

When do stitches dissolve after ear pinning surgery?

After ear pinning surgery, caring for the patient is crucial. Following the procedure, it will be necessary to apply pressure dressing to the ear for three days. Typically, this dressing is kept on the ear for three days. On the third day, the dressing can be removed, and a hairband can be used while sleeping at night. During this time, one of the most important concerns is the condition of the stitches. However, regardless of the situation, the ear should not be manipulated by moving it left, right, up, or down to see the stitches.

If self-dissolving stitches were used during the surgery, they will dissolve and disappear within about 5-7 days. However, if non-absorbable stitches were used during the operation, they should be removed about a week after the surgery. The area behind the ear should never be left wet and should always be kept dry. With these recommendations, the success rate of the surgery is quite high and satisfying.

How Long Does Pain Last After Ear Pinning Surgery?

If the patient has been given general anesthesia, it may take a few hours for them to fully recover. Generally, there may not be any pain felt on the first day due to the effects of anesthesia, but mild discomfort may continue to be felt in the following days after the surgery. These types of discomfort can be alleviated with pain relievers taken orally. Additionally, swelling in the ears and slight bruising around the earlobes may appear between the 3rd and 7th days after the surgery, which is normal. Stitches are removed on the 7th day, and the patient begins to return to their normal life.